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Ozzie Melendez -Latin Pop Music Salsa Fusion 2018
The Fusion - Latin Pop Music 2018Por La Vereda
Ozzie Melendez

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Funk Filharmonik

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Richard Bona at "JAZZ A VIENNE 2012

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If Music Is My Life Then You Are My Music


Ozzie Melendez is a world-renowned trombone player. He has played various types of genres including Latin Music in 2018, (Pop & Reggaeton Latino Music.)

Ozzie’s long career has taken him to be the musician to the stars;

Behind every hit song is a team of talented writers, producers, and studio musicians. One of them being Ozzie Melendez. He has worked behind the scenes with artists such as Billy Joel, Paul Simon, and Marc Anthony. Now he’s switching gears and focusing on his own thing, a style of music that fuses together the ways of Jamaican Dancehall, Salsa, Pop, Reggaeton & All types of Latino Music in 2018. His latest releases “Camaleon and Por La Vereda.”

Ozzie has performed all over the world, as a vocalist, trombonist, composer, and music director as well as playing on Broadway shows, movie soundtracks, commercials, and TV shows. All of his work has put him on the top of the “must work with list” that has garnered him studio time with some of the biggest hitmakers of today. He has worked on gold and platinum records that belong to Mariah Carey, Jessica SimpsonJennifer LopezBilly Joel, Steven Tyler, Bruce Springsteen and Marc Anthony. On top of working on top-selling albums, he’s also toured with Celia Cruz, Willie Colon, Diana Ross and Marc Anthony– just to name a few.

While Ozzie has loved and appreciated every moment with these household names, he wanted to release his own music. When asked why it took so long to release his music, he noted, “Being influenced by so many music styles, I felt my songs should have many facets. I call it an alchemy of music, to fuse music styles that are unexpected and fun. Making people happy is important to me, music has the power to do that.”

It is no doubt listeners will be happy when they hear “Camaleon and Por La Vereda.” These songs take all music styles, Ozzie’s talent and rolls it all up into his alchemy of music. Fans of Gente de Zona, Maluma, Willie Colon and Juan Luis Guerra are sure to appreciate the sounds Ozzie Melendez is dishing out.

Those interested in adding any of these songs to their playlists, or getting in touch for an interview can reach out via the information provided here.